Market Update for Sunday 29 March 2020

By Brett,

In Vegetable and Salad lines;

  • Chinese Cabbage, Baby Broccoli, Yellow Squash and English Spinach are not available.
  • Prices for most vegetable and salad lines are volatile due to inconsistent supply and demand. Please check our online shop or excel order form for prices. Custom orders are preferred (or a priority list for a mixed box) so that we can focus on sourcing and supplying your needs. While we will endeavor to fill all orders, limits and substitutions may be applied and some items excluded if they are not available on the day.

In Fruit;

  • Pineapples, Red Papaya, Rockmelons and Seedless Watermelon are all nice. Honeydew melons are available again too.
  • Limes and Lemons are good and there are some nice Ruby Grapefruit available again too. Navel Oranges from USA are available. Valencia oranges are only available in 2nds (3kg Bag).
  • New season Gala and Mi (Fuji / Gala cross) apples have started. Pink Lady and Granny Smith Apples are also still available. Store apples covered in the fridge to keep them crisp.
  • Bananas are good although prices are up.
  • New season Williams Pears have started. Nashi Pears have also started.
  • Australian Green and Red Seedless Grapes are in season.
  • Italian Kiwifruit have finished. Australian Kiwifruit will start soon.
  • Plums are still nice but we have stopped Nectarines and Peaches as they are finishing and past their best.
  • Strawberries are nice but we have stopped Blueberries due to quality issues.
  • Passionfruit are available and nice.

Other Items,

  • Free-Range Eggs, Medjool Dates and Honey are expected to be available. Egg prices are up though.