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The Jolly Greengrocer Products

All of The Jolly Greengrocer Fruit and Vegetable products are sourced from Sydney Markets and are subject to seasonal availability. The prices of the individual fruit and vegetable items will fluctuate depending on Sydney Market prices. Brett and Jenny will let you know the current availability and price of individual fruit and vegetables when they call to take your home delivery order.

Small Hand Fruit Only

Please note that The Jolly Greengrocer provides smaller sizes of hand fruit typically suitable for school lunch boxes.

Quality Guarantee

If you are not happy with the quality and freshness of a particular fruit or vegetable item home delivered by The Jolly Greengrocer, please let us know as soon as possible. We will replace the item or give you a credit towards your next order.

That's The Jolly Greengrocer guarantee!

asparagus baby spinach bean sprouts
beans beetroot broccoli
brussels sprouts cabbage capsicum (red or green)
carrots cauliflower celery
cherry or grape tomatoes chinese cabbage chinese vegetables
corn cucumber (lebanese or telegraph dutch carrots
eggplant english spinach garlic
ginger lettuce (ice-berg, cos or hydro) leeks
mushrooms onions (brown or red) parsnips
peas potatoes (chat, white, red, brushed) pumpkin
radish salad sprouts (alfalfa, mung etc.) salad mix
shallots or spring onions snow peas or sugar snaps silver beat
squash tomatoes (hydro, truss or roma) sweet potatoes
wild rocket zucchinis  
apples apricots avocadoes
bananas cherries grapefruit
grapes (red or white) honey dew kiwi fruit
lemons limes mandarins
mangoes nectarines oranges
passionfruit peaches pears
pineapple plums rhubarb
rockmelon strawberries watermelon
basil chives continental parsley
coriander dill mint
oregano parsley rosemary
sage thyme  
Other items
free range eggs (700g) honey (500g or 1kg)